It can be a challenge for an association to find the right property manager. The wrong choice can compound problems rather than address them.

SOMAK is confident that your association will find our services dependable, helpful, and satisfying. That’s why we’ve always offered a 60 day cancellation policy; we don’t hide behind long term contracts.

Get What You Need

We clearly describe our services for two reasons: transparency and the ability for board members to select us for specific jobs.

We offer a small company philosophy, treat the customer right and right away with all the advantages of a large company with years of experience and vast resources. Whether you present us with a minor or major project, you will receive the same attention to detail as we perform a cost and bid analysis. We work directly with vendors and dependable contractors to ensure that, during work, everyone is on time, on budget, and cares for the area as if they lived there.

Financial Strength

SOMAK is aware that association’s needs are short and long-term and we make sure that each property is proactive in planning for a strong future.

Emergencies will happen and, there too, SOMAK excels with top notch people and a fast response system. We’re prepared and experienced in most home events, including the winter and tropical storms of the past few years, to ensure that a property can quickly rebound from any emergency as if it never happened.

Know How

As for keeping up with the latest in building trends, especially energy efficiency and green technologies, there is no property management company better poised than SOMAK. Our legacy of construction and ongoing relationships in the field as well as continuing education make for a team that is aware of what is working to save costs and energy and what still may be too experimental to warrant investment.

SOMAK bases its work ethic on creating and maintaining relationships and we enjoy the friendships that have formed, based on mutual trust and respect.

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