Property Management


SOMAK understands that there are many aspects to taking care of an association. We address the physical needs as well as the administrative aspects of management. We do this while keeping one important thing at the forefront of our work and the purpose of your community is to give unit owners a sense of security, peace, and pride of ownership.


Whether it’s seasonal work such as snow removal or routine maintenance, SOMAK can provide quick response with skilled labor for a reasonable cost.

Our online reporting system and commitment to resolving issues with one phone call mean that unit owners are reassured by our reliability and pledge to finding the right path to returning the unit to its true function as a home and not a source of angst or expense.

  • Regular site visits
  • Vendor/project oversight

Improvements and Repair

SOMAK understands that that units need attention in many areas as the years pass. Given the background associated with SOMAK’s history, a long tradition of quality service, we accurately estimate jobs in terms of both price and scope, ensuring all jobs are handled with a professional, impeccable approach.

  • Detailed Request for Proposal (RFP) process elicits competitive bids
  • Project scope reflects the association’s needs and preferences, as approved by the board
  • Comprehensive information allows the board to make informed decisions


Community living demands an interpersonal skill set that brings people toward common solutions despite differing views and approaches to problems. SOMAK knows the importance of preparing the right information and communicating details clearly.

We use proven techniques for approaching delicate situations, such as drafting clear violations warnings/fines, keeping a complete record of all communications, and drafting/distributing all unit owner notices.

As the central resource for a community, SOMAK can set a professional tone that conveys confidence and dependability, creating a collaborative atmosphere in which all members of the community bring their best to the table.

Financials and Administration

Transparency is a good way to describe SOMAK’s approach to association management. We work to keep current with all applicable legislation and associated legal documents because we believe a proactive approach is the best way to avoid issues or escalating unavoidable problems and can often lead to savings in money as well as time.

We believe the same approach works for budgeting and offer our years of experience to the board, helping to prepare budgets with a fresh perspective.

  • Comprehensive monthly financial statements
  • Details include unit owner balance with prepaid and delinquent information, a record of check disbursement, and a profit/loss statement
  • SOMAK attendance at board meetings offers direct communication
  • Summaries of recent and anticipated events make for more effective board meetings

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