Other Services


SOMAK complements the family business, By Carrier, which allows us the flexibility to offer services a la carte.

Winter Services

Need snow removal? We offer more than a man with a plow on the front of a truck

We also offer resources to deal with some of the harder winters hitting the Northeast lately. Our access to heavy equipment means an association does not need to scramble to make room for even more snow.

Site Work

Infrastructure is key in any community and SOMAK can put its equipment and know-how to use to address drainage or other grading problems, installation and maintenance of utilities, and more.

SOMAK provides a comprehensive snow removal plan that includes post storm reviews. We want to make sure we cause no damage or disruption and help homeowners get back to their busy lives as soon as possible after the first flake falls, or even during a storm if necessary. Safety and respect for property are our priorities.

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